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(Updated November 20th, 2014)


Updated Nov 20th

Fall 2014 web page

Last week of research.

Here is a link to the minimal marking codes that will be used the final paper draft by Dr. Kristen.

Final Paper Office Hours Schedule:
W 11–12 Mingru, W 6–7 Aubrey, Th 4–5 Layla, and1–2:30 KP. All OH will be held outside of lab, except for Dr. Kristen's. Her's will be in her office.

CHEM: Sign up for peer review partners here.

Paper trade due November 22nd at 11:59PM. [CC writing gmail]

Peer review of final paper due to partner by November 23rd at 8PM. [CC writing gmail]

Final paper draft due November 25th at 10AM. [Canvas]

Final paper due December 5th at 10AM. [Writing gmail]

Lab clean up is on Friday, December 5th.

If you are ready for ITC, please fill out this form before submitting your compound to Biolab.

Final paper requirements have been posted on Canvas.

Upload PDF files of your mini meeting sheets to Google drive, in order to avoid compatibility issues.

Please keep your schedule spreadsheet up to date throughout the semester

This semester, Aubrey will be on call for assistance with sensitive reactions. Please see THIS DOCUMENT to request one on one reaction help.

Are you the first person in your family to attend college? Check out this resource, courtesy of the Gates foundation


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Principal Investigator Stephen F. Martin

Research Educator Kristen Procko