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(Updated June 25th, 2014)


Updated June 25th

The group jobs list has been updated. Please make sure you are keeping up with your summer job.

Our final weekly group lunch will be this week at Din Ho.

M 1:30–2:30 (WEL 5.330) Special Topic Talk: Next week: More on NMR
Tu/Th 12–1 (WEL 4.224) Organic Review (ends 6/26)
Tu 4–5 (WEL 5.330) Journal Club-be sure to read up on Ramchandran plots for next week
F 11–12 (WEL 5.330) Mini Meeting
F 12–2 (TBD weekly) Group Lunch

Lab will close for the summer on July 3rd. Required hours for all that day are 10–4 for lab cleanup, individual meetings, and paper writing.

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